The Secret to Creating Ideas that Matter


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Hi, I'm mathilde

Skill, knowledge, education, connections and even money, fade into the background against the one thing that makes ideas, and more so, causes, infectious.
That one thing is passion.
Passion is the most compelling and irresistible emotion there is. Passion is at the heart of every idea that matters!
If you want to experience passion selling an idea in action, spend five minutes with Amanda Dalton, CEO and Founder of Protea Place Women’s Support Centre.
Amanda’s passion for their work, the services they deliver, and most importantly, the lives they change at Protea Place is completely contagious.
Toowoomba is a community like no other. When there is a clear call to action or a way to make a difference, people step up.
This week we saw the delivery of the Protea Place VW Caddy!

We donated the full wrap design through our #communitydesigngrant and when Wippells Autos and Protea Place put a call out for 5 sponsors, 15 answered!!

While incorporating 20 logos in total, on a predominantly “protea pink” layout was a tricky brief, it is undoubtedly a testament to our incredibly supportive business community!

Thank you to all the amazing sponsors: Wippells Autos, Australian Government, Bodega Bar, Cavalier Homes Toowoomba, DP Wealth Advisory, Ezali Hydro Excavations & Communications, Residence Estate Agents, Quadtech, Excavation Equipment, Briese Lawyers – Toowoomba, The Funberry Kids Childcare, Harvey Norman, Jefo, MJH Finance, Rotary Club of Toowoomba, Wilsons – The Family Lawyers, Beauty Effects

Beautifully wrapped by ALE Clothing & Signs with GoTransit Media Group.  


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