Now is the time to serve not sell.

It’s a time of heroes and villains.
Toilet paper hoarders and hard-working nurses.
Good and evil.

Right now it has to be business first, brand second.

Great examples of this include: car manufacturers making ventilators and fashion brands making PPE and clinical clothing. Within the space of a fortnight, businesses have changed what they produce and/or how they conduct their business entirely.

It’s amazing how fast businesses will jump onboard when a bandwagon is hurtling through town. I’m all for businesses doing their bit and for brands having a purpose , BUT it must be from a genuine place of service & integrity or your brand will ultimately pay the price.

People are already noticing brands who are helping, and brands who are branding, and they’re wary of brands capitalising for social shares.

Be helpful. Be helpful. Be helpful. 

That seems like a good mantra for everyone just now. Many businesses have been just that. Prioritising their offerings to front-line staff, using supply-chain capabilities to get vital equipment to hospitals and diverting factory production and engineering expertise to make the things we need most (hand sanitiser anyone).

All brilliant examples of businesses knowing the right thing to do and just doing it.

Without seeking fame or fortune. 

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